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Mix of 5 flavors contains:

2 packages of Linseed LATA KITA  (COMPOSITION*: Linseed + over 80% of BEEF)

2 packages of Beet LATA KITA (COMPOSITION*: Beet + over 80% BEEF)

2 packages of Carrot LATA KITA (COMPOSITION*: Carrot + over 80% BEEF)

2 packages of Milk Thistle LATA KITA (COMPOSITION*: Milk Thistle + over 80% BEEF)

2 packages of Sea Algae LATA KITA (COMPOSITION*: Sea Algae + over 80% BEEF)

2 packages of Cistus LATA KITA (COMPOSITION*: Cistus + over 80% BEEF)

2 packages of Pumpkin Seeds (COMPOSITION*: Pumpkin Seeds + over 80% BEEF)

*According to the philosophy of LATA KITA, our snacks always have over 80% of meat. However, the batches differ slightly in proportion of individual components since they are produced by hand from the beginning to the end. The exact detailed percentage will be attached to each particular box of snacks. Overall ingredients compose an equal dose of health and taste. If you have any questions - we will be happy to address them with details about the compositions of each batch.

Our compositions are very deliberate. We want health to taste delicious and life to be vibrant with joy for long years. Find out more. Discover each detail about our snacks:

LINSEED - Supports digestive system. It soothes irritations of the gastrointestinal tract by covering the stomach walls. It also protects the stomach during antibiotic treatment. It prevents both constipation and diarrhea. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol. Contains vitamin E, which as an antioxidant sweeps out free radicals (anti-tumor effect). It is the source of the essential unsaturated fatty acids, especially those of the omega 3 group, which help the metabolic processes of the body to increase the burning of adipose tissue.

BEEF - In dogs diet meat plays a fundamental role and therefore our snacks contain mainly meat. Caring for our dogs, we should serve to them only wholesome meat. Among the most recommended is beef. Why? It contains many minerals - phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium. Beef is also a source of vitamin B12 as well as vitamins: B2, B3, B5 and B6. Its protein is a wholesome protein. It contains all the amino acids that the body does not produce by itself. Protein collagen is essential for proper joint function and affects the condition of the skin of the hair and claws. Fat is a source of energy but it also dissolves some vitamins in it. Beef also provides the necessary unsaturated fatty acids.

MILK THISTLE - It's such a modest plant, wildly growing in the fields and has ... an incredibly wide spectrum of healing effect! Thanks to its sylimarin it protects the cells of the liver and kidneys and stimulates them to regenerate. It alleviates side effects of pharmacotherapy as well as diabetic inflammation. Thyroid supports liver function. It protects liver cells against the absorption of toxins. In addition, it lowers bilirubin levels and normalizes blood biochemical parameters to assess the condition of liver, heart and muscles. The plant stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, helping with gastric juices and improving appetite. And as we know prophylactic "detoxification" that is cleansing of free radicals, protects the body from the formation of tumors.

SEA ALGAE - They are a rich source of such elements as zinc, fluorine, phosphorus, copper, magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium and iron. Sea algae contain a large amount of iodine, provide many vitamins: beta-carotene, that is, provitamin A, vitamins group B and vitamins C, E, K and PP. You can write long papers on wonders contained in sea algae, but the most important is how it supports the health of our animals. Sea algae protect the heart - regulate blood pressure. Contain fiber that protects against excessive absorption of fats and sugars in the intestines, which results in normalization of glucose and cholesterol levels. They also contribute to the removal of toxins from the body. They are a natural slimming solution so if your pet wants to get rid of unnecessary pounds, in addition to increasing the amount of walks, make sure you also take care of his or her diet. Algae support the feeling of satiety after a meal and regulate the work of the digestive system. What's more, the iodine contained in them accelerates the dissolution of fats in the body.

CARROT - Vegetable mostly associated with beta-carotene, which is responsible for proper functioning of dogs’ eyes. It also contributes to the strengthening of immunity of the body, stops the development of cancerous diseases. Carrots contain vitamins and minerals used in: vitamin A deficiency, treatment of anemia and skin inflammation. Improves intestinal peristalsis. It’s an ideal support for dogs with problems around the anal gland.

POTATOES - Some people think that feeding potatoes to dogs is harmful. However, potatoes in the LATA KITA snacks are properly prepared so that the snack is tasty but above all healthy. In potatoes we find many benefits - potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E and K, PP, fiber and starch. What can potato affect as a dietary supplement? E.g. potassium lowers blood pressure. Starch, which in the process of digestion breaks down into glucose, provides the body with energy - it's natural and low calorie fuel. Thanks to high fiber content, potatoes are easy to digest, help digestion, eliminate constipation.




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